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    CALL FOR ENTRIES | 2021 China Hardware Products International Design Competition


    2021 China Hardware Products International Design Competition



    China Hardware Product Design Competition?has been held for 15 times since its foundation in 2006. As an international design competition, it attracts participation of designers from dozens of colleges and universities, design companies as well as independent designers from more than 20 countries and regions around the world. In order to improve innovative design ability of hardware and promote hardware product development in China,?the 16th?China?Hardware Product International Design Competition formally opens.




    Host Agency

    People’s Government of Yong Kang


    Zhejiang Industrial Design Association

    Zhejiang Public Service Demonstration Platform for Minor and Medium Enterprises

    Zhejiang Technical Innovative Service Platform for Industrial Design

    Hangzhou Industrial Design Association


    Zhejiang Yongkang Hardware Productivity Promotion Center Co., Ltd.

    Sponsoring Enterprise

    Zhejiang Feijian Technology Co., Ltd.

    Wangli Security Technology Co., Ltd.

    Qunsheng Group – Zhejiang Yongche Rail Transit Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    Zhejiang Miji Creative Design Co., Ltd.

    Yongkang Qingmu Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

    Judging Panel

    Director: He Renke. Professor, Dean, School of Design, Hunan University. Rich experiences of judging in international product design competition like IF and Red Dot.

    Vice Director: Zhou Xu. Professor, Doctoral Adviser, School of Zhejiang University of Technology.



    1. “Feijian” Smart Cup / Pot Design

    Product Categories: Titanium Cup, Thermos Cup, Glass Cup, Plastic Cup

    Sponsor Enterprise: Zhejiang Feijian Technology Co., Ltd.

    Website: http://www.feijiankj.com

    WeChat: 13914045713 (Mr. Shi) / 18258932651 (Mr. Hu)

    Design Requirements:

    Titanium Cup: high-end, gift design;

    Thermos Cup: single lid / double lid / bounce lid;

    Glass Cup: single lid / tea separation / tea maker;

    Plastic Cup: with straw, direct drinking;

    Original works are required, and the appearance design can be attached to the product packaging effect.

    1. “WONLY” Smart Door & Lock Design

    Product Categories: Security Door, Smart Door, Smart Lock Design

    Sponsor Enterprise: Wangli Security Technology Co., Ltd.

    Website: www.wanglianfang.com

    WeChat: 18857949699 (Mr. Zhi) / 15858904100 (Mr. Xu)

    Design Requirements:

    Smart Lock: In line with the trend, solve the pain points of users for different scenarios. Make breakthroughs in vision, operation, intelligent interactive experience, etc., to create smarter, more comfortable, and more secure lock products.

    Smart Door: Differentiate traditional doors, explore the concept of integrating smart homes, and create more integrated, intelligent and ecological door products.

    1. “Yongche” Rail Transit Equipment Design

    Product Categories: Rail Transit Equipment

    Sponsor Enterprise: Qunsheng Group – Zhejiang Yongche Rail Transit Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    Website: www.chinaqunsheng.com

    WeChat: 13758987248 (Mr. Li)

    Design Requirements:

    Rail vehicle interior and vehicle equipment design, including but not limited to seats, armrests, desktops, luggage racks, information display equipment, air purification equipment, emergency products, lighting products, etc. The design concept is required to be innovative, meet the special environment and use requirements of rail transit. Full consideration should be given to the application and processing technology of the material, which is feasible.

    1. “Miji” Kitchenware Design

    Product Categories: Cookware, Kitchen appliances

    Sponsor Enterprise: Zhejiang Miji Creative Design Co., Ltd.

    Website: https://miji1015.1688.com

    WeChat: 13757919177 (Mr. Chen)

    Design Requirements:

    Design around convenient kitchenware suitable for young people’s lives. The product has innovative concepts, appearance and design, with a certain sense of technology and art Practical in everyday life and can also bring happiness. Better versatility and process feasibility.

    1. “QingMu” Outdoor Leisure Product Design

    Product Categories: Leisure Table, Leisure Chair

    Sponsor Enterprise: Yongkang Qingmu Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

    Website: www.kingmaxoutdoor.com

    WeChat: 18267961999 (Ms. Hu)

    Design Requirements:

    Outdoor leisure equipment including but not limited to outdoor leisure tables, chairs, beds.

    Applicable Scenarios: outdoor, camping, garden, home or indoor and outdoor can be shared;

    Material Direction: iron + wood, pure iron, pure aluminum, pure wood;

    Development Direction: light and easy to carry; ultra-small storage, foldable or telescopic structure; simple and high-end appearance design; requires attention to ergonomics; design that is convenient for product packaging, storage, and transportation.



    • Open to all enterprises, colleges, institutions and individuals.?(If participating in groups, each group of designers should not exceed 3 people)
    • Entry FeesFREE
    • Submission E-mail: design@ykwjdesign.com
    • Contact Competition Team

    ? ? ? QQ:1336365009

    ? ? ? Contact: Mr. Cao, (+86)18067627979

    ? ? ? Mailing Address: NO 189, Zizheng Road, Economic Developmental Zone, Yongkang, Zhejiang



    In each of five categories, there is one golden prize, two silver prizes, three bronze prizes, and five excellent prizes as well as several Entry prizes and Excellent organization awards set. The 16th International Design Competition set up the Platinum Award, which will be selected from five categories and be awarded Platinum Prize of ?RMB 100,000 yuan.

    Prize Numbers of Winner Bonus (RMB) Other awards
    Platinum Prize 1 ¥100,000 Certificate
    Golden Prize 4 ¥50,000 Certificate
    Silver Prize 10 ¥20,000 Certificate
    Bronze Prize 15 ¥10,000 Certificate
    Excellent Prize 25 ¥3,500 Certificate
    Entry Awards Several Certificate
    Excellent Organization Awards 10 ¥5,000 Certificate
    Total Bonus ¥787,500 ?



    1. A contestant can deliver multiple entries to each categories of competition at the same time.
    2. Entries must be original works of the participant (not to infringe other people’s intellectual property rights or any other rights), and created specifically for this competition.
    3. Format of the entry: JPG file, A2 (420mm*594mm), 300dpi, VERTICAL VERSION, NO MORE THAN 5M.?ONE ENTRY IS LIMITED TO ONE LAYOUT.
    1. The entry layout is composed by the following contents: category of competition, more than two main views of the product, design instruction, title of the entry (there should be NO name of participants in the entry layout).
    2. The entries must be sent along with the application form :《Entry Form》, by email to: design@ykwjdesign.com;



    • Innovation (30%): The entry has an innovative concept, appearance and shape design, can reflect a unique design concept, has a strong visual appeal, or provides users with a unique experience.
    • Forward-looking (20%): Entries should reflect the high integration of design, technology, and humanities. Apply high-tech results to solve existing problems.
    • Functionality (20%): The entry should have certain functions (including practicality, comfort, safety, ease of use, man-machine, user interface) in the economy, society, and people’s lives, and also produce positive effects.
    • Technical (20%): The entry should fully consider the application of materials, as well as processing technology, and has good versatility and technical feasibility, or optimization for manufacturing links, through design to reduce enterprise costs and improve enterprise economic benefits.
    • Sustainability (10%): In the entire entry life cycle of design, production, material selection, manufacturing, and using, can reflects the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, and is environmentally friendly.


    VIII.??????? SCHEDULE

    • Competition notice: May 1st, 2021
    • Poster distribution, media propaganda: May, 2021~ October, 2021
    • The submission deadline :?October 30th, 2021 (before 24:00 Beijing time)
    • Shortlist Announced: Early November, 2021
    • Final Judge: End of November, 2021
    • Award ceremony: Time and place will be notified separately



    《The 16th China Hardware Products International Industrial Design Competition|ENTRY INSTRUCTIONS》

    《Entry Form》

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